Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 3 - Just Getting Started

Today was mainly a day of continuing to analyze the scope of writing this web application. I digested the first 14 pages of the documentation to the existing application, and everything made sense conceptually. Things became more difficult when trying to figure out the meanings of the source files, mostly coded in php and javascript.

Until today my group could not utilize images in ENVI that weren't located in their main fileserver directories. This posed a problem as further tutorials required different images. I went down to the IT department, where Brett and James were a HUGE help in getting my group setup with ENVI.

At the beginning of the day, Nina introduced us to the Twiki within cis. I created my own page and am keeping a task list/journal there.

OH and I almost forgot, today was EXTREMELY FUN. This is exactly the type of environment that I wish High School was. And I even got to sit behind Brett in the IT department and absorb some of his actions and commentary. AWESOME!!!

About ten interns met for lunch at SAU today, the underground game room was cool and I got to play DDR!

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