Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 2 - The Work Begins

Ever since I got that email telling me that I was hired as an intern, I was waiting for the day when I would actually start getting down-and-dirty into science. Today was that day. After a quick tour of the remote sensing part of building 76, Nina guided us in accessing Envi and its tutorials. RIT even has the Envi + IDL license, giving staff access to the language used to program Envi, in turn giving them the ability to add desired functionality to it. Today's weekly staff meeting was canceled, but I hope to attend next week's since it will be interesting to hear some high-level discourse relevant to what I will be doing this summer and see who exactly I am working "alongside."

My first assignment from Dr. Kerekes came today, along with some documentation outlining the parameters of a Blind Test web application. My current goal with Dr. Kerekes is to create another blind test web application based on the current one (located Here). The documentation did a great job of outlining the purpose, usefulness, and conceptual portions of the project, but I am still extremely unaware of how to code a web application in general. I took a look at some of the source for the current blind test application, and (X)HTML doesn't look too bad.

Dr. Kerekes also wanted me to try the blind test, and after taking some Envi tutorials, I almost feel able to take it, but I do not have the ability to import files into Envi that aren't on the main file server. Hopefully I can learn how tomorrow.

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